Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a session last?

Sessions last 60 minutes.

How much will it cost?

Sessions cost £50

How long will I need to come for counselling?

The number of sessions is up to you.  I usually recommend a minimum of 6 sessions to allow the counselling process to develop.

How frequently would the sessions be?

Typically we would meet weekly at regular times. You will have a slot that is only yours: same day, same time, every week.  As therapy progresses, we may decide together to vary that.

How will I know you are the right therapist for me?

Before starting therapy we would have a brief introductory chat.  It's really important you feel comfortable and we are able to work together.

Is it confidential?

Anything you say within the sessions remains confidential with the following exceptions:
·     To ensure I maintain good standards of ethical practice I discuss my work in confidence with my supervisor. No identifying information is used.
·     If I feel either you or someone else is at risk of serious harm, then I may have to break confidentiality.  I will endeavour to discuss this with you first wherever possible.